SFMOMA x Gap: Artists' T-Shirts

As part of their 75th anniversary celebration, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has partnered with local retail giant Gap on eight limited-edition artist t-shirts. The battery of art stars includes Ed Ruscha, the late photographer Larry Sultan, Barry McGee, Leslie Shows and others.

I'm personally a fan of the Sultan shirt, which sports an image that Dwell associate photo editor Alexis Tjian tells me is from the seminal book Evidence that he produced with photographer Mike Mandel in 1977. In it, the pair culled through archives of scientific, police, and technological photos, each initially shot as a kind of documentation of a crime, experiment, etc. and chose a few dozen photos which, despite being "evidence" as such, are shot through with ambiguity, mystery and intrigue.

"It was one of the first fine-art books to really use found photography," Tjian told me just now. "It's an early conceptual photo book, and very hard to find." Unless you wear one of its images across your torso, that is.

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