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October 9, 2009

Last week, Assistant Editor Jordan Kushins brought you millergoodman's Shapemaker wooden block set.

playshapes london  toy

Now they've just launched the second incarnation of their graphic kids toys in the form of Playshapes, a modular set of 74 geometric wooden shapes, at Tent London during London Design Festival.

playshapes train boat
Meant to be integrated with the Shapemaker blocks, the new collection takes child's play to the next level with cheery forms that feature teardrops and mustaches. They can be arranged ad infinitum in order to create all kinds of different incarnations.
playshapes monkey  toy
Playshapes are made of rubberwood and arrive in a box encased in an unbleached cotton drawstring bag, acommpanied by a set of illustrations.
playshapes wooden toy milldergoodman
The set will go for just over $100, and will be available directly from millergoodman beginning in mid-November.


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