March 29, 2009

For better or for worse, we're currently living through something of a pirate renaissance. Pirates pop up as both comic cultural meme and serious scourge of the seas. With clear awareness of this phenomenon and tongue planted firmly in cheek, Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture created a stackable seat designed in the spirit of the pugnacious privateers: The Pirate Chair.

KKA Pirate Furniture Set

The Pirate Chair is a simple idea executed impeccably. The designers plundered a vast array of styles and eras to develop the shape of the detachable wooden legs, then topped them with a blue fabric-covered seat. "We have explored a forgotten ocean of styles. From great grandmothers to small secondhand shops around the world we have gathered the inspiration we love and stolen it, as pirates," say the designers.

KKA Pirate Stacked Chair

Available in both dining and lounge configurations, Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture believe their chairs are perfect for design-friendly restaurants but we wouldn't mind having a Pirate Dining Set at home as well. "We have noticed that there aren't any good looking stackable restaurant chairs on the market, so we simply made this one." Unfortunately, the chairs are not yet in production but the architects are currently looking for collaborators who are interested in mass producing the sapphire stackables.

Reanim Chair by 5.5 Designers

The Pirate Chair reminds us a little of an older line of dynamic furniture. Way back in 2003, French firm 5.5 Designers came up with Reanim - a line of prosthetics designed to give new life to beaten, battered, and broken furniture. The bright green chair legs and seat tops (bright green being the color of garbage trucks in France) can be used to transform mass-produced furniture into high-design collectibles; a sort of Frankenstein seating for the eclectic's collection that calls to mind another popular culture meme: The Zombie. Surely it's only a matter of time until we see the Ninja Chair.

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