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Occupy George

Though the sprawling Occupy movement may not be able to agree to a central compact, or even list of demands, its message that wealth inequality in America is untenable is a pressing, and salient, one. And a pair of San Francisco graphic designers are putting their shoulders to the wheel with a series of deft infographics highlighting precisely that point. What's more, they're printing their manifesto and distributing it on just what they're most critical of: money. Occupy George is the work of Andy Dao and Ivan Cash, and by printing a handful of simple charts and graphs on dollar bills, they're literally stamping the medium with the message. Check out their designs and hear what Dao and Cash have to say.

Not only do Cash and Dao stamp their designs on dollar bills, but they also offer a template you can download to print on your own money. Cash told me that according to the U.S. Bureau of Printing and Engraving "the dollars are still fit to be used as legal tender."

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