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April 2, 2009

Any good modernist will want his share of tools for living, but for me, if that tool kit doesn't come with a cheese knife forget about it. Imagine my delight at seeing Teroforma's new Loft Table Tools collection by Norwegian designer Thea Mehl.

Teroforma loft table tools

Comprised of a jam spoon, chutney fork, pâté paddle, spreader and cheese knife, the Loft Table Tools are produced by Bill Baumgartel, owner of Blueberry Hill Treenware of Blueberry Hill, Pennsylvania. Hewn from pre-fallen hardwoods like cherry, walnut and beech, the utensils come from just 350 miles away from Teroforma's Norwalk, Connecticut, headquarters. Sustainable, locally produced and with that Nordic eye for handsome wooden objects, the Loft Table Tools will make an appropriately earthy addition to any dining table, backyard spread or delectable cheese plate.

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