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September 4, 2011

Have you heard about Izola? This utilitarian-retro company features five throwback lines of everyday home and bathroom products—appropriately named Scout, Maritime, Apothecary, Sport and Powder Retro—capturing clever idiosyncrasies from the good ol’ days. 

The "Practice Conservation" laundry bag by Izola.

In mid-September, the young company is set to launch a line of cotton laundry bags sturdy enough to confine the heaviest of soiled garments yet so cleanly designed they could pass as overnight totes. But we’re on board because of the unusual themes such as “Anatomy of a Shirt,” displaying blueprints for everyday white tees, and “Practice Conservation,” which reminds us of some sustainable laundry tips that are obvious (do not overuse detergent), but frequently forgotten amid washing hustle.

Check out the rest of their old-school items here (we love their Canvas Shower Curtains), and don’t forget to clean the lint filter after every use.



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