Inkster Maken Limestone Lights

Inkster Maken, a new range of lighting using Australian limestone and salvaged hardwood by designer Hugh Altschwager illuminates the Down Under.
inkster maken lamp red

While we love this simple light and its punchy red cord, all of the Inkster Maken designs can be customized or bespoke developed.

Victoria, Australia-based Hugh Altschwager is passionate about the outdoors and handmade items. For Inkster Maken, he combined his two loves into a new range of limestone lights. According to Altschwager, using limestone in lighting provides a “warm, earthly, glow not commonly found in other modern lighting fixtures.” We are fans of these tactile, sturdy lamps and the sustainable production methods behind them. 

inkster maken lamp large

Large Pendant, AU $585.

inkster maken lamp small

Small Pendant, AU $375.

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