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December 19, 2010

YLighting recently alerted us to the new energy-efficient lighting designs they're carrying online. The market for energy-efficient lights is currently booming (and is estimated to grow 35% per year through 2012), so with their slate of new Light Emitting Diode (LED) and fluorescent lamps, they're onto something.

lighting vibia slim LED

According to YLighting, "Key drivers in the growth of the energy efficient lamping market include consumers’ preference to be more eco-conscious, improvements in LED and fluorescent technology, and the upcoming phase-out of incandescent lighting in the U.S. market through the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007."

The newest LEDs are brighter and warmer than earlier LED generations and are still drastically more energy efficient, durable and longer-lived than traditional incandescent lamps.

In the LED category, I particularly like the Vibia Slim 7 Light Pendant, pictured above, as well as the Foscarini Binic, pictured below.

lighting foscarini binic 1

And here are the flourescents I favor:

The Le Klint 172:

lighting leklint 172

The Omikron Design Vessel Suspension:

lighting omikron Design vessel fluorescent
The Kartell Tati Lamp:
lighting Kartell Tati fluorescent

The B.Lux Frame Floor Lamp:

lighting frame floor fluorescent

The B.Lux RCA Floor Lamp:

lighting blux rca fluorescent

If you see something you like but aren't quite sure how to proceed, you can check out YLighting's online resource guide. Current information includes Energy Efficient Lighting Comparison Guides, LED Basics, and LED Buying Guide and Fluorescent Basics, and it'll be updated monthly...

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