Corbusier-Approved Paint Deck

I was excited to learn, from this recent New York Times story, that the Swiss company KT Color manufactures a line of paints created by Le Corbusier.

Developed from the 1920's onward for use in the villas Corbu designed, the 63 shades are super-vivid. Apparently that's because the paint is made from natural mineral (and non-toxic) pigments, including lapis lazuli and "green umber from ancient sources on the island of Cyprus," as the company's website declares. In contrast, most paint manufacturers produce their colors from just a dozen mostly industrial pigments.

corbusier paint

Le Corbusier's palette—hues he supposedly considered 'eminently architectural,' designed to pair well with white walls and raw wood—comes at a price: from $2 to $5 per square foot. If you can't pick just one, and would rather fetishize and fondle the whole collection, pick up the 174-page book Le Corbusier Polychromie Architecturale. It's selling on Amazon for $400. Cheaper than painting your living room!

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