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May 28, 2009

Summer is a great time for bungee jumping. But for the non-thrill-seeking type, it might be safer to just get a bungee-jumping bird feeder and sit back sipping lemonade while the seeds take all the risk.

Bungee Bird Feeder

Among the dozens of cheeky products in the arsenal at Suck UK, the Bungee Bird Feeder literally jumped out at us the other day—a design that looks like a gingerbread man composed entirely of seed. Hung from a bright red string, the little man can float from any branch or eave—initially a graceful form, though it will surely become slightly ragged as the birds figure out his function.

Bungee Bird Feeder

While mildly perverse, the Bungee Bird Feeder is plenty humorous and in fact quite sustainable, since it's made without plastic casing, metal attachments, or glass containment—just 100% edible nutrition for the birds.

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