Artecnica Fall 2009 Collection

This week, Los Angeles-design firm Artecnica launched its Fall 2009 Collection at the New York International Gift Fair. Reuniting with whimsical Dutch designer Tord Boontje and introducing new collaborations with Brooklyn-based designer Karl Zahn and global advertising agency TBWA, the collection offers pretty and practical products for affordable prices.

Boontje brings his playful nature-inspired patterns (seen before in his Garland Light and Until Dawn Curtain for Artecnica) to his new Charming collection of necklace charms. The charms depict penguins, bees, rabbits, and other carefree creatures and are sold in sets of three in either 18k gold or silver-plated metal.

The company's first collaboration with Zahn resulted in the Phrena lamp. Until now, most of the freelance designer's products have been prototypes or design competition entries (though his Lace Tape and Simple Series of furniture are available for purchase or pre-ordering on his website, Phrena pushes him into a new class of designers.

Advertising company TBWA approached Artecnia after learning about its Design w/Conscious program.The collaboration lead to the creation of two new products: Cases and Stretch Bags. The Cases (small, medium, and large envelope-shaped bags meant to be used as wallets, clutches, or handbags) are made from sustainable cork and lined with recycled billboards from a former Apple campaign. The  Stretch Bags are die cut from recycled billboard material and lift up to form a bag capable of carrying a load weighing up to 75 pounds. The unique design eliminates the need for additional materials such as glue or thread--though the holey construction also means its more ideal for carrying towels to the beach than garlic in the grocery store.

To view additional images and more products from Artecnica's new Fall 2009 lineup, click the "Slideshow" button at the top right-hand corner of this post.

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