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April 3, 2013
Cape Town, South Africa-based typeface designer and artist Jordan Metcalf has a knack for creating puzzling, intricate algorithms in the form of typefaces. Whether experimenting with personal projects or commissioned by well-known corporations, the designer has quite the love affair with all things type. The folk music-loving designer can also be found collaborating with three other designers/illustrators under the name Only Today. For even more type love, check out our crop of favorite fonts here and be sure to follow our Pinterest Typography board!
Typography by Jordan Metcalf
Endless colorful tubular type, part of a "growing collection of projects and experiments centered around typographic illustration."
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Typography by Jordan Metcalf
Alphabet and poster design, with wording form the Bowerbirds song 'Bright Future'.
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Binoculars by Jordan Metcalf
The pieces in 'Heart of Gold,' a series about "a playful exploration of the concepts of money, consumerism and greed" in collaboration with fellow Cape Town artist Daniel Ting Chong are stark, sleek, and graphic with a limited colour palette and various use of different mediums, such as glass, wood, and ceramic. Seen here, the machine cut and sprayed birch ply piece, Binoculars.
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Best of Boston typography by Jordan Metcalf
For their 2012 'Best of Boston' issue, Boston Magazine commissioned the designer to create a toolkit, which included various sub-section headers, opening DPS, and lock-up for the table of contents.
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Best of Boston type by Jordan Metcalf
A closer look at the shadow-casting type.
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Colorful murals by Jordan Metcalf
Metcalf and several other South African based designers/illustrators created various colorful murals for a large financial institution meant to communicate a core brand value, while remaining unique in style and execution. The designer chose 'charisma' and 'inspiration' as his two core brand values to work off of.
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The October Show piece by Jordan Metcalf
The designer recently was part of a group exhibition called 'The October Show' at Salon 91 in Cape Town, South Africa. On view was Metcalf's collection of circular pieces, 2 light-boxes, and a crop of collaborative artworks.
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No Lies Just Love typography by Jordan Metcalf
An experimental type design with wording from Bright Eyes' song 'No Lies, Just Love.'
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Endless fun typography by Jordan Metcalf
Where does it begin and where does it end?
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Saul Bass quote typography poster by Jordan Metcalf
A limited edition Giclée print based on a quote by graphic designer and filmmaker Saul Bass-"I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares." The typography was created using just Illustrator and Photoshop.
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Saul Bass quote typography by Jordan Metcalf
Details, details.
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Letter typography by Jordan Metcalf
Twelve letters get objectified.
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ESPN logo by Jordan Metcalf
This maze-like logo was commissioned by ESPN for the 2011 Summer and Winter X-Games' youth marketing.
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Typography by Jordan Metcalf
Endless colorful tubular type, part of a "growing collection of projects and experiments centered around typographic illustration."

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