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April 25, 2013
In the same fashion that we are turning to locally sourced, farm to table, slow food, our aesthetics, like our stomachs, are drawn to a simpler, cleaner, and more natural way of life. Rustic woods, supple leathers, stone, and ceramic are all contributing to the collective desire to live more slowly, more simply, and more beautifully. Check out this collection of pieces to bring this tranquil trend into your own life.

Cast from a vintage test tube and suspended on a thin leather strap, these ceramic bud vases will bring a bit of bloom to any window pane or unadorned wall. Each piece is handcrafted by Lisa Jones and her Oregon-based Pigeon Toe team.

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We love these hand-carved cups, made from rare arctic birch burl and outfitted with a reindeer leather strap. Apparently the cups are antiseptic and don't need to be cleaned between uses, so they're ideal for strapping to your backpack the next time you go out to enjoy the outdoors—or simply sipping coffee or tea on a lazy morning.

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This made-in-San Francisco leather wallet from Joshu+Vela is simplicity itself. A simple brass closure and rich, reddish leather hold all you really need to carry with you. Seriously, leave the iPad at home, man.

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The Buckle Chair in antiqued chestnut by Restoration Hardware has just the right balance of rich warm leather and clean lines making it a beautiful piece for accomplishing that vintage modern look. 

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The olive wood used in these tabletop keepers is grown in a sustainably managed forest in France. We love the swiveling magnetic lid and the two-chambered design of the double-size version.

Originally appeared in 10 Modern Salt and Pepper Shakers
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Long Wooden Hole Slab by OnOurTable

Treat yourself to the smart simplicity of a solid wood board for cutting and serving charcuterie and cheese. Each board is handmade and finished with a natural oil-and-beeswax mixture to bring out the unique character of the wood. A must-have for anyone with a passion for food, design and craft.

Originally appeared in Say Cheese!
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Ceramic pestle and wood mortar. Simply roll the ball to crush herbs and spices. Quite satisfying.

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These handsome and slender teak stirring spoons are handcrafted in Thailand from what would ordinarily be waste wood. We love that the six-inch handle making it easy to reach into deep jars or extra-tall glasses.

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Morijana Cups by Ceramik B

With an organic aesthetic, the ceramic Morijana cups are minimalistic yet tactile. Offered in pleasing neutral hues, these curved cups are the perfect vessel for tea, coffee, or freshly squeezed juice and double as serving bowls for your favorite condiments or a dessert course.

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Cooking soothes the soul. Add a pinch of salt and pepper from these mini porcelain folded bowls. Spoon available separately. Glazed in clear gloss.

Courtesy of 
Lisa Warninger
Originally appeared in 10 Modern Salt and Pepper Shakers
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Buteri Butter Dish by Ceramik B

Rather resembling smooth ceramic loaves of artisan bread, these sweet little butter dishes come in two natural tones of brown and white.

Originally appeared in Top Kitchen Product Picks
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Walnut Utensil Crate by OnOurTable

You know that overflowing receptacle next to the stove with all your cooking utensils in it? And that messy top drawer that seems to eat everything you need? Geoffrey Lilge has the simple and beautiful solution with this solid walnut utensil crate that is as functional as it is elegant. Handcrafted to last for generations.

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These small marble and wood lights give off a warm intimate glow ideal for a bedside table or dresser.

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Turn off the TV. Put the kettle on. Grab a good book, wrap yourself in a warm blanket, dim the overhead and illuminate the room with this birch wood Totem Votive Set . This MoMA Store exclusive set was designed by Eric Janssen from his New York studio, and while each unique piece holds a tea light, they'll look just as nice when displayed unlit.

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The Coat Range can stand alone or in groups, expanding into tiny Tetons across your wall. Made from the Brave Space’s scrap wood, you can bring a natural landscape into your home while helping preserve one at the same time.

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When attempting to live a slower more simple life there is no better activity than a Sunday in the park playing Petanque. Bring some wine, some cheese, and have some good old fashioned fun.

Originally appeared in 5 Outdoor Favorites
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Kalon Studios Stump Side Table

An elevated fascimile of the treestump, this table is raw, unfinished, and sustainable, as it's made from FSC-certified domestic ash or maple and polished to a smooth finish.

Originally appeared in Furniture Design Series: The Side Table
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What makes the Angle Shelf unique isn't necessarily what you choose to display on top, but instead what lies beneath: a geometric 3D form, sleek, structural and stuck to the wall. The bamboo unit is finished with 100% natural Tung oil, made in the USA, and available pointing either left or right.

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Verona Dining Table by Soren Rose

Danish Designer Søren Rose is known for his modern take on a classic material: marble. And though this particular table is made from wood, Rose reclaimed the planks from none other than a marble factory. The multi-colored blocks in the surface are Corian, used to fill in gas and imperfections in the tabletop.

Originally appeared in Furniture Design Series: The Dining Table
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reclaimed wood studio shop

Whether beech, maple, cedar, or teak, Brooklyn resident and California native Ariele Alasko will take it. Having a sharp eye for recycled matter, Alasko is combining her expertise and passion to design and craft furniture out of reclaimed materials. Building everything from headboards to dining room tables in her studio, Alasko experiments with striking patterns, in which all pieces are naturally infused with a distinct texture and rhythm.

Courtesy of 
Ariele Alasko
Originally appeared in Building in Brooklyn
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pigeon toe ceramics hanging test tube vases

Cast from a vintage test tube and suspended on a thin leather strap, these ceramic bud vases will bring a bit of bloom to any window pane or unadorned wall. Each piece is handcrafted by Lisa Jones and her Oregon-based Pigeon Toe team.

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