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September 20, 2012

After Utah-based nursery furnishing company Oilo garnered praise in The Modern Baby: Part One, co-founder Annalisa Thomas offered to share her favorite nursery products and tips as well. Of course, Dwell was eager to pick her brain about the latest in nursery décor. 

Thomas and her mother, designer Dorte Anderson, founded Oilo with mothers in mind. After becoming a parent, Thomas sought products that she could enjoy during the many hours she would be spending in the nursery with her children. “When Oilo first started we didn't see very many hip baby and nursery products out there, but in the past few years we’ve seen more and more. Parents are tired of animals and clowns for kids. They want modern, functional items for their baby and in the nursery,” says Thomas. 

Click through the slideshow to see Thomas’s five favorite picks from Oilo

Crib set from the Sticks collection by Oilo
Crib set from the Sticks collection.
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Oilo's Cohen glider
“Most people make the crib the focal point of a nursery since it's usually the biggest piece of furniture, but as a parent I love the glider. It's where I spend most of my time in the room and even though babies grow out of cribs, you never grow out of a great-looking, comfortable glider. My little boy is five and we still read stories in our Oilo glider. The soft, faux leather makes it super easy to clean, so it still looks new.”—Annalisa Thomas. Pictured: Cohen glider.
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Play blanket in stone and citron.
“Our play blankets are a great way to make a place for a baby and they are so stylish and fun. I've used them many times at the park, on questionable carpets, and even at the beach”—Annalisa Thomas. Pictured: Triple Band play blanket in stone and citron.
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Changing pad and cover in spring green.
“One of my first questions about a product is 'how easy would this be to clean?' Or, 'will this make my life easier?' This is actually how we came up with our two-tiered changing pad covers. You just remove the top and throw it in the wash. If you want a different look you can easily change out the topper on the changing pad as well.”—Annalisa Thomas. Pictured: Changing pad and topper in spring green.
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Car seat canopy in taupe.
“We love our Oilo car seat canopies, which are so functional,” says Thomas. They protect newborns from direct sunlight, dust, and rain (no more balancing an umbrella and a baby simultaneously). Pictured: Car seat canopy in cobblestone.
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Crib set and lamp from the Wheel collection.
“I always say spend money on the big items: Crib, glider, bedding, etc. and save on the accessories. I get tired of my accessories pretty quickly, so I switch them out a lot when I'm ready for a new accent color. If you don't spend a lot of money on the accessories you can easily change out the look of a room without the guilt.” – Annalisa Thomas. Pictured: Crib set and lamp from the Wheels collection.Click here to read The Modern Baby: Part Two
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Crib set from the Sticks collection by Oilo
Crib set from the Sticks collection.

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