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February 7, 2009

There's been a wallpaper renaissance in the last few years. Design-savvy decorators came through their single-color paint rebellion against the visual assault of trite, cluttered, antiquated prints and decided to give wall patterns another chance. And it was worth it. There are now dozens of designers and small companies producing exquisite wallpaper that amplifies style in a home. One of the rising stars on the scene is Aimée Wilder.

  Aimee Wilder Loops wallpaper pattern.  Courtesy of aimee wilder.
    Aimee Wilder Loops wallpaper pattern. Courtesy of aimee wilder.
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Wilder is a graduate of the School of the Art Center of Chicago who has designed for clients from Bed, Bath & Beyond to Vans sneakers. Her approach to wallpaper design is informed by contemporary graphic art, residential textile design and fashion. Patterns range from stencilized sumo wrestlers to a rainbow of bubble retro TVs. We love "Analog Nights," a two-tone print of old cassettes, turntables, boom boxes, and speakers. Whether you're looking for fanciful, childlike colors or something more staid and sophisticated, Wilder has dozens of fantastic choices to flip through.

Aimee Wilder loops wallpaper pattern
Aimee Wilder Loops wallpaper pattern. Image courtesy of aimee wilder.

All papers are printed as triple rolls.

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