USA Fellows Announced

The United States Artists announced the USA Fellows on December 14. The goal of the fellowship program is to support the arts by each year awarding $50,000 unrestricted grants to 50 artists, a handful of which are architects and designers.


Each year, 50 artists are named USA Fellows and are awarded $50,000 unrestricted grants. Last year's fellows included designers such as Julie Bargmann, who founded D.I.R.T. studio and collaborated on The High Line, and Stephen Burks, whose TaTu Collection is sold by Artecnica. Past recipients have used their award to fund new projects, buy new equipment, travel for research purposes, or even give back to younger artists and students in their field. For others, it means they can pursue their passion full time, rather than needing to hold other jobs to make ends meet.

View the slideshow to read about a selection of the new fellows and see examples of their work.

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