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Times Square Theater

Often public architecture seems to happen in all the wrong places. Exhibit A: an empty public structure—say a too-windy pavilion between two skyscrapers. Exhibit B: an exceedingly long line of people waiting in a non-designed and awkward public space for something that benefits the public at large. The latter example can be seen in the TKTS Booth in Times Square, which has just gotten a face-lift.


Eight years ago the Theater Development Fund launched a competition to design a space for tourists and resident New Yorkers to wait more pleasantly in this half-price theater ticket line. The winner was Perkins Eastman, and the result is the current booth with glass steps in a red that pays homage to the Virgin Megastore, Bank of America, and Coke signage cheering on Times Square all around. Its transparency invites all to look out at the theater of passersby rushing through Times Square every day.

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