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Stray Dog

The story of a company often trumps its very goods or services. Bill Pritchard and Jane Gray's Stray Dog Designs is a perfect example of this.


They met, hastily married in Mexico, fell in love with a stray dog named Principessa, and, inspired by their teamwork caring for this pooch, took the next step.

Next chapter: the smitten duo started importing Mexican pottery to the U.S. This blossomed upon their encounter with one Ms. Guadalupe Alvarez, a tinworker in Mexico. She asked Jane to draw an object; Jane drew a lamp. A few days later, Alvarez made the lamp.

Soon after, Bill's pickup truck was overflowing with interior accessories.

These days the pair is focusing on recycled and reused materials, like this Haitian papier mache table and their new "3 Flower Studies": papier mache sculptures made by fairly compensated artisans in Haiti.

You can find their products at Takashimaya, Henri Bendel, Anthropologie, and Georgia Tapert Living.

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