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Small Houses in Prague

As we finish planning our Small Spaces issue for next year, I was interested to find coverage [via Dezeen] of an exhibition called Small Houses, which ran last month during the Czech design festival Designblok at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague.

a1architects aerial

As the name suggests, the exhibition showcased a number of models of compact living spaces, presumably for cities, which are getting increasingly crowded throughout the world and will only continue to do so. A series of small scale models were displayed as well as a full-size prototype installation. The architects described their concepts as enabling "limitless living in a limited space."

While some of the designs are a dramatic departure from conventional housing typologies, the architects were actively avoiding a utopian approach that would have no practical application. In the end, many of them look playful and unusual but their structural elements are simple and achievable, which they demonstrated with floor plans and elevations. Check out all the images and some more info from the architects at Dezeen.

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