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August 6, 2012

Come Milan design week, Spazzio Rossana Orlandi is one of the most popular galleries in which to spy new ideas. This year, editor-in-chief Amanda Dameron stopped into the former tie factory to hear Orlandi's thoughts on the gray area between art and design, the financial crisis's effect on creativity, how she discovers young talent, and more. Find the full story on dwell.com tomorrow, but in the meantime, here are three excerpts from the story that encapsulate Orlandi's sensibility.

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Spazzio Rosanna Orlandi

Spazzio Rossana Orlandi.

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Rossana Orlandi by Leslie Williamson

Spazzio Rosanna Orlandi

Spazzio Rossana Orlandi.

On recent changes to the Milan design scene:
"Whatever has happened is because of the financial crisis, but the mentality of the designer has changed a bit. They are more concrete in the resolution of their ideas; they are looking more closely at price and quality."
On design versus art:
"There's a difference between art and design. Some design pieces can become art, become sculpture."
On identifying talent:
"When something is good, I feel excitement...Sketches and the realization, there is always a big difference. The sketches make it possible to understand what is in the designer's mind, but you don't know if the project will be as good as the idea."

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