Promo Daily: Zen Sekizawa

Today's Photographer Promotional Piece We Love and Why: Zen Sekizawa

I am loving this creative photo promo by photographer and director Zen Sekizawa. The promo is entirely folded up into a 4x5 postcard. As you begin to look inside, it opens up accordion style and folds out into a wonderful grid of ten images. The photos show us a glimpse of Zen's editorial and advertising work. She is clearly comfortable photographing people, and finding that beautiful lighting is one of her strengths. On the top right corner of the unfolded promo, there is a piece of card stock that says 'photography' and 'film' with two arrows. When you flip the promo over to the other side, you find a another grid of images. This time we are looking at eleven film stills. The stills feel warm and dramatic, and show us another side of Zen. This promo was designed in a way to really show us who this photographer is. I felt like I got to know Zen just by looking at these images.

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