Promo Daily: Ramona Rosales

Today's Photographer Promotional Piece We Love and Why: Ramona Rosales

In her latest photo promo, Los Angeles-based photographer Ramona Rosales shouted to the world (or just to us photo editors) that she loves taking portraits. It is always nice to see a variety of work from a photographer—landscape, portrait, lifestyle, but if you are focusing on just ONE type of photography, we want to know! What is your strength and what should we hire you for? Ramona sent two promos in one envelope that were nicely designed on thick card stock. The images were beautifully printed, which was important here as she is a fan of color and saturation. The promos open up to show well lit portraits both in studio and on location. Ramona understands light and knows how to connect with her subject. She really got it into my head that she is a master at portaits and I will not forget that.

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