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Promo Daily: Nathaniel Wood

Today's Photographer Promotional Piece We Love and Why: Nathaniel Wood
Landscape of tree and light by photographer Nathaniel Wood

As you all know, we photo people love light—bright light, flat light, difused light, we notice light ALL the time. This dreamy promo by Nathaniel Wood caught my attention right away. The light—wow! I wanted to be that person climbing the tree with the warm light exploding around it. The image Nathaniel chose was strong in composition and showed me that he understands light and how important it truly is. On the back of the promo is Nathaniel's contact information. The large type face and simple layout is extremely effective. I like that he keeps it clean on the back side—no images, just writing. All in all, this is a solid promo, one for the "to keep" pile.


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