project rorschach 02 creditjustinknight

Attendees were given their own set of ten cards accompanying the exhibition. Photo by: Justin Knight.

The famed Rorschach cards were once only printed on an antique press in Switzerland and sold to licensed therapists. With the advent of the internet, the classic images are now ubiquitous and Ana Miljacki and Lee Moreau of Project_ with Sarah Hirschman employed them as a reference to see images of contemporary architecture differently at the Boston Society of Architects (BSA)

project rorschach card10 front

The front of an architectural Rorschach card. It's not immediately apparent which architectural trope was used here. 

project rorschach card10 back

The back of the same card reveals a series of cantilevered buildings. 

Grouped by type and shape, photographs of famous buildings are layered on ten Rorschach-inspired cards. These architectural Rorschach images are saturated compositions of visual themes like chimneys, cantilevers, towers, circles, and stacks. The exhibition is designed to help viewers contemplate the way architects continue to re-interpret common images to create imaginative, new designs. 
project rorschach 14 creditproject

A group of attendees at the exhibition’s entrance. Photo by Justin Knight.