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Postcards from the Edge of Design

An email is nice and a letter is better, but for those whose epistolary habits begin and end with the postcard, an overlooked book from 2008 is for them.


Postcard, a book compiled by London-based visual communication studio FL@33, offers a who's who of contemporary postcard design. Heavy hitters like graphic designer Rick Myers show up, as well as lesser-known firms like Hole In My Pocket. After flipping through this book you'll want nothing more than to dash out and send a few postcards of your own; thankfully the book comes with 20 cartes postales featured inside. If only you could remember where you left those stamps.

These postcards by Johnson Banks come shaped like letters of the alphabet.

Gaston Liberto and Javier Gonzalez Burgos both work out of Argentina.

Andrzej Klimowski takes a painterly tack with this postcard while Yorgo Tloupas plays with the most ballyhooed of typefaces.

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