Photography Focus: Natan Dvir

Natan Dvir's new photography series Coming Soon reveals just how affective advertising is and isn't when placed bigger than life as structures in your every day life.

Photographer Natan Dvir's first time to New York City was in 1997. "I remember how I was struck not only by the huge skyscrapers and wide avenues, but also by the infinite amount of advertising. It looked to me like a kaleidoscope of posters. Every time I looked up I would see an ad staring at me."  

His new work in progress, Coming Soon, is a photo documentary of the New York City billboard advertising world and how it affects, or doesn't affect, the people around it.  Each image is perfectly timed to capture the symmetry of real people vs. fifty foot models on the walls of scaffolds. The juxtaposition of bright fashion colors versus the dull reality of what passersby actually wear is fascinating.  The fact that these ads are everywhere in New York City is evident per the expressions of the pedestrians strolling by, resting on a bench or grabbing a hot dog.


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