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October 7, 2008

A blank journal is an exciting journal. Whether you’re planning on penning the next great American novel or reminding yourself to pick up milk on the way home, there’s something about an empty page that gets the heart racing, as the printed possibilities are endless


That limitless potential, however, is only realized when you’re able to translate your thoughts to the paper. If an apple pie without some cheese is like a kiss without a squeeze, then a journal without a writing utensil is like no smooch at all. 

This clever notebook design from Chikabird/randL ensures that when a flash of brilliance strikes, you’ve got the tools to take it down for posterity; the cotton-printed fabric cover features a handy slot for a pencil (or pen).

100% handmade, the notebooks are offered in your choice of 24 color combinations of canvas and elastic band closures, and fit a pocket, large, or extra large Moleskine cahier. When you’ve gone cover to cover, just order a refill and start jotting again.

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