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February 13, 2013
Flashback to the early 1900s: After trying to woo an opera singer, but having to abide by the strict moral code of a woman entering a man's bedroom, William Lawrence Murphy invented the Murphy Bed, a bed that is attached at one side to store against a wall or inside of a closet or cabinet. With this clever invention, he was able to convert his bedroom into a parlor, which then allowed Murphy to entertain his guests (and get the girl?). Jet back to the modern world where these space-saving folding saviors have been a go-to fixture in small living areas across the globe. Click on the slideshow to view our five fold-down bed finds sourced from the Dwell archives.
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Hand-cranked aluminum bed

Jeff Wardell lowers the riveted aluminum Murphy bed, custom-made by furniture designer Pat Carson, in the guest room. See the rest of his shipping container home in San Francisco here.

Photo by Drew Kelly.

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