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September 12, 2008

Here's the thing about being parents with design sense and a sensible budget: There's no middle ground.


Right now, we're experiencing the "toddler bed dilemma," (similar to the "new shoes dilemma" and the "clean diaper dilemma"). That is, do we buy an expensive piece of modern kids' furniture for our growing spawn, or wait a few months until she's big enough for a twin bed?

While I've spent hours trying to track down the elusive Modern Toddler Cot by KidKraft, the temptation to let the kid sleep on a pile of shredded newspapers is strong, too. The Modern Toddler Cot is both reasonably priced and attractively designed, unlike Ikea's anemic offerings and the colorful plastic boats / cars / crypts that the toy-industrial-complex thinks American toddlers crave. It's also on back-order until October: The combination of sane price and good design appears to have hit a sweet spot. Other modern kids' furniture manufacturers, both big-box and boutique, would be wise to take notice.

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