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Michael Murphy's Midcentury-Inspired Supersonic Series

San Francisco artist Michael Murphy’s latest series of prints, Supersonic, depicts a mod, mod world.

We first came across Michael Murphy’s Forgotten Modernism series, which depicted structures across San Francisco. With Supersonic, his latest release, Murphy creates his own worlds using Atomic-age imagery as source material. “The ultimate goal is to create a fresh, contemporary tectonic, while recognizing certain influences of mid-20th century design and cultural zeitgeist,” he describes on his site. We asked Murphy to tell us about a few pieces in his series, which are available for sale at


Arrival depicts a house in the desert, “which is the theme for much of this series,” Murphy says. “Solitude and isolation, and a mix of styles and genres with a 1950's Constellation airplane and a late 1960's Chevy Impala.”

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