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December 23, 2008

Discarded computers arrive by the thousands every day from the US and Western Europe to West African ports, after which they're discarded in toxic dumps. Children burn them and pull out the metals for cash, according to reports by The Guardian. On the road to solving this problem is a new bamboo-shell laptop by award-winning design firm Asus.


This laptop achieves its paramount elegance by taking advantage of rapid-growth bamboo—instead of plastic—as the shell. It may not achieve the impossible task of eliminating metals from the computer, but the Taiwan-based company has reduced and eliminated environmentally hazardous substances from the computer. It is easy to assemble, recycle, and reuse. It's perhaps the most beautiful computer on the market.

You may have thought you'd see pandas on computers before bamboo on computer shells, but after the laptop computer was first announced last year as a prototype, it is now available for commercial consumption.

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