January 24, 2009

Got a spare $7.7 million? Then please buy Frank Lloyd Wright's newly restored Millard House, aka La Miniatura, and open it up on weekends for the public. You can sell t-shirts and lemonade to help with the upkeep, because owning any concrete-block Wright house is a commitment to a significant amount of maintenance and conservation.


Located in Pasadena, California, (down the street from Greene & Greene's famed Gamble House), La Miniatura was commissioned by rare book seller Alice Millard in 1923. The 2,400-square-foot house was among the first to feature Wright's "textile blocks," which are patterned concrete bricks cast from the clay sand found on site. Notorious for decomposing over time, the blocks are a royal pain in the wallet to conserve.

Check out these pics of La Miniatura from my golfing buddy Will Campbell on Flickr, taken at a tour of the house last year (the first time it had been opened to the public since 1992).

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