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April 9, 2014
Modernists love to play with color, and the absence of it. Gray, the color of steel and concrete, has participated quietly in countless facades. But inside these homes, the cool hue moves into the spotlight.
open plan concrete home in japan

In a 793-square-foot concrete home in Tokyo, gray is the natural and overwhemingly predominant color.

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Originally appeared in Open-Plan Concrete Home in Japan
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renovated Ray Kappe bungalow in Manhattan Beach

Granite flooring, cement-paneled walls, and steel beams mix well with the warm wood finishes in a renovated Ray Kappe abode.

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Originally appeared in A Renovated Ray Kappe Abode in Manhattan Beach
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Silver kitchenware on wooden shelf

In the kitchen of a renovated farmstead in rural Sweden, a dark gray accent wall is a pleasing backdrop for an assortment of metal pots and pans.

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Originally appeared in Modern Meets Traditional in a Swedish Summer House
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Modern family main bathroom with Vipp products

In a modern Copenhagen loft, the gray tiles that cover the floor and shower of a bathrom create a cool and quiet atmosphere.

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Originally appeared in Converted Loft Fit for a Modern Family in Copenhagen
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modern green arkansas cabin wood stove slate

In an off-the-grid Arkansas retreat, a rich gray layer of Vermont slate covers the area around a True North wood stove and contrasts well with the surrounding bamboo surfaces.

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Masculine interior design with wall art

Replica resin skulls rest against a wall painted in a shade called 'Noble Grey' in this Hollywood bungalow. The deep grays fill spaces with masculine energy. Photo by Zen Sekizawa.

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Originally appeared in Los Angeles Home with Wood-Clad Interior
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White prefabricated cabinets and countertops make for a streamlined kitchen.

The kitchen in this small box home in Japan is painted in a muted gray. The prefabricated cabinets are painted in a lighter shade, complementing the delicacy of the ceramics stored within. Photo by Dean Kaufman.

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Originally appeared in Small Box Home with Black Metal Facade in Japan
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Minimalist home with wood paneled walls in Southern California

In the bedroom of this Southern California home, a slate gray wall adds depth to the wooden tones of the floor and ceiling. Photo by Dave Lauridsen.

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Originally appeared in Basic Instincts
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Custom furniture rubs elbows with catalog pieces in Michelle's home. "Nobody wants their house to look like a cut sheet. It's really important to pick the pieces that speak to you and not worry about where they come from," says Michelle. Ikea chairs surro

The gray tile backsplash in this small Seattle kitchen adds character and brings charm to the artful mix of custom and commercial pieces found throughout the room.

Originally appeared in Small in Seattle
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The kitchen is the entrance point for the Collettes’ home and its functional core. The warm colors of the house’s wood-and-brick exterior are continued in the felt covers of the Face chairs in umber, red, and rust—a vintage 1983 design for Montis by Gerar

In the kitchen of this home in Breda, Holland, the warm, bright colors of the furniture are offset by the deep, bluish gray countertops. Photo by Martien Mulder.

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Originally appeared in Furniture Fascination
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Modern bedroom with gray walls

In a gallery and residence in Antwerp, Belgium, the owners conceptualized a gradation of white to gray hues for the walls, reserverving the deepest shade for the master suite. Photo by Tim Van de Velde.

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Originally appeared in Live/Work: Modern Art Gallery and Home in Antwerp
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neutral colored dining room with concrete walls and floors

Seeking a concrete look for the floors of his family's villa in Hamburg, Germany, Hinnerk Ehlers and architect Frank Drewes first considered Pandomo flooring, a slick treat-ment that would be even more expensive than a standard finish. Ultimately, however, the couple went with actual concrete—at a fifth of the price. Photo by Mark Seelen.

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Originally appeared in Paint it Black
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open plan concrete home in japan

In a 793-square-foot concrete home in Tokyo, gray is the natural and overwhemingly predominant color.

Photo by Iwan Baan. Image courtesy of Iwan Baan .

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