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January 31, 2009

If lean times mean better design, smarter design, then we're already feeling the benefits. A whole slew of new books brings smart practical design to the realm of crafting and doing-it-yourself.


Because people are shifting their focus back to the home and activities that might, at one time, have seemed a little old-fashioned, these new DIY books are taking the summer camp out of weekend crafts and replacing it with sleek design and down-to-earth solutions.  From Readymade magazine's guide to making practically anything to modern sewing guides to learning to make a really good roasted chicken, quality time spent at home can be used for more than just bonding over a new DVD—it can be spent creating something, something nice.

Making Stuff: An Alternative Craft Book

Readymade Book

The Art of Simple Food

Simple Sewing

DIY: Design it Yourself

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