Chevy Volt Finally Unveiled

So the guys who killed the electric car have brought it back to life, and you can have one—in 2011 (actually, late 2010). On Tuesday, GM finally revealed the Chevy Volt, their long-anticipated hybrid that (maybe) absolves them of yanking the EV-1 off the road. Ye Olde EV-1 seated two and got 50 miles out of a charge of its lead-acid (and later nickel-hydride) battery; the new Volt seats 4 and will get 50 miles from a charge of its massive lithium-ion battery (which adds about $10,000 to the rumored $40,000 price tag).


But the big difference is that the Volt also includes a 1.4 liter gas engine that helps charge the battery, expanding the sedan's away-from-home range to 400 miles. Design-wise, the production model Volt is a disappointment, compared to the concept car; but the wind-tunnel wins when it comes to fuel and cost-efficiency, so instead of a sleek roadster, we'll get something that looks like a Camry (or an Accord).
Check out Autobloggreen for a passel of pics of the unveiling.

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