Caesarstone’s Latest 'Coasters for a Cause' Initiative

Caesarstone is now offering a new coaster in their “Coasters for a Cause” initiative. Coasters for the Cause is a philanthropic program where Caesarstone designs and sells coasters specifically to donate proceeds to a worthy cause. The company has created this coaster to help those affected by the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy. They're bright red and beautifully designed in the shape of a heart. The coaster will be sold at $10 with all proceeds going to The United Way of Western Connecticut's Sandy Hook fund. Coasters are available for purchase here. View Slideshow
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About Caesarstone: Caesarstone is committed to philanthropy and created Coasters for the Cause to help support worthy causes. The program started as way for Caesarstone to support victims of Hurricane Sandy with proceeds benefiting the Red Cross. Caesarstone creates new coasters on a regular basis to support various philanthropic efforts.

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