Building in Brooklyn

Whether beech, maple, cedar, or teak, Brooklyn resident and California native Ariele Alasko will take it. Having a sharp eye for recycled matter, Alasko is combining her expertise and passion to design and craft furniture out of reclaimed materials. Building everything from headboards to dining room tables in her studio, Alasko experiments with striking patterns, in which all pieces are naturally infused with a distinct texture and rhythm.
reclaimed wood studio shop

A medley of Ariele Alasko's headboard and wall panel designs displayed in her Bedstuy studio. Photo credit: Ariele Aslasko

Image courtesy of Ariele Alasko.

reclaimed lath queen headboard

Drawing from an assortment of salvaged matter, Alasko creates customized pieces of furniture. Photo credit: Ariele Aslasko

Image courtesy of Ariele Alasko .

ariela portrait max

The designer at her studio. Photo by: Maxwell Tielman

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