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June 23, 2009

Who says poo is taboo? In the first episode of Dwell's new video series, The Bathroom Reinvented, Virginia Gardiner makes a case for talking candidly about the can, explaining the designer's role in improving the loo.

the bathroom reinventeed lead

A former editor at Dwell, Gardiner is an industrial designer at Design London Imperial College, where she is developing and promoting her plumbing-free toilet, the Gardiner CH4.  "In America, we have a flush and forget mentality," she points out.  But 2.6 billion people in the world lack any form of functional toilet, and humans create an average of two pounds of excretion per person per day.

In the video, Gardiner (who expounded upon her research in our June 2009 issue) reviews some new ideas for enabling better sanitation in even the most remote areas of the world, and breaks down the details on turning human waste into a high-value commodity.

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