Announcing Dwell + AHAlife!

If you've ever wished you could shop the beautiful products featured in the pages of our magazine, we are pleased to share the news that now, you can!

Clip Tree by Matthew Plumstead

Add a splash of style to your walls with this configurable wood valet Clip Tree, kitted out with clip-on rubber hooks, shelves, and widgets. Perfect for holding a variety of your bathing room necessities.

Today on, we announce our new partnership with, the leading online destination for discovering—and buying—unique products from around the world. Backed by the powerful AHAlife platform, Dwell's digital storefront features modern products sourced from the stories of Dwell.

Every week, look for fresh product assortments at our storefront. These thoughtfully chosen selections are sourced globally by our buyers at and are curated by our editors—providing a truly contextualized commerce experience.

feast small

With this exciting offering, you can shop right from the current October issue. Don't miss all the great designs from our "Made in the USA" story, from the award-winning debut Clip Tree valet (shown above) to the striking yet simple Feast in the House of Simon table to a jaw-dropping Christopher Roy sofa.

Here and There by Christopher Roy

Christopher Roy’s layered, made-to-order “Why Not Bespoke” line combines a European dose of industrial design whimsy—he is British, after all—with traditional forms like the Windsor chair. Invoking a modern-Americana flair, see more here.

Please visit our storefront today and let us know what you think. We invite you to share your thoughts, and, of course, enjoy shopping!

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