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March 8, 2012

We received 132 total entries that featured 118 individual landmarks deserving of preserving. We posted the entries for popular vote and watched the votes roll in. With 71,000 total votes it was a close race. However, there can be only one winner and voters and judges agreed that the Sub-Zero and Dwell Rethinking Preservation Contest grand prize winner is...

The Union Depot in Keokuk, Iowa
The Union Depot in Keokuk, Iowa

The Union Depot in Keokuk, Iowa, by renowned turn-of-the-20th-century Chicago architectural firm Burnham and Root. We would like to congratulate Christen Sundquist, the architectural do-gooder who submitted the winning entry. Christen, a historic preservation graduate student at the Art Institute of Chicago, says she entered the competition with the high hopes that The Depot might be returned to its past grandeur. “When I saw that Dwell and Sub-Zero were hosting a competition aimed toward preservation, it really got my heart racing. It was a chance to let people learn that there is a Burnham and Root Depot where they would least expect it. As a preservationist, I am torn that there was only one winner. There were a lot of great buildings that I hope get more recognition now.”

Together Dwell and Sub-Zero will award $10,000 to an organization that is overseeing the preservation and rehabilitation of The Depot and Christen will win a $4,000 wine storage unit courtesy of Sub-Zero. The decision of which organization will receive the funds is currently being evaluated.

A special call out to the other top entries that gave Christen and The Union Depot in Keokuk a run for their money: the San Francisco Women’s Building, in SF, California; the 1903 Chase Stone Barn, in Oconto City, Wisconsin; Biff’s Coffee Shop, in Oakland, California; the NY State Inebriate Asylum, in Binghamton, New York; The William R. Thorsen House, in Berkley, California; the 9th Avenue Terminal, in Oakland, California; the Ward Hall Greek Revival Mansion, in Georgetown, Kentucky; the Israel Stowell Temperance House, in Delavan, Wisconsin; and the Fishtown Preservation Society, in Leland, Michigan.

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