And The Winner of Love What You Do Is…

Over 900 readers answered our call to share why they love design in our Love What You Do contest, presented in partnership with Dyson. We posted the entries for popular vote—on the line was a $5,000 grant for the winner—and received over 10,000 votes. Hanni Liliedahl Silacci of Monterey, California, stood out with her “Version of Existence” entry and was crowned the grand prize winner.  Her words left no question to both readers and the Dwell staff of exactly why she is passionate about design.

Lilify Still Life designed by Hanni Liliedahl
Lilify Still Life Styling: Hanni Liliedahl Photographer: Jennifer Hogan

Version of Existence

"Design makes possible an intentional version of existence. It offers an individual, mindful approach to the everyday, cultivating grace in one's daily routines, one's surroundings, and oneself.

I love design because it allows us to clash well, not simply match well. It allows us to bring our seemingly disparate views, likes, and experiences into a measured, pleasing whole.

Good design requires calculated exhibition coupled with an organic spontaneity. It marshals not only harmony but tension.

Design allows a heightened version of existence that makes life palatable."

Curious what Hanni put the $5,000 towards? Check back on October 31 to step into Hanni's world in a Dwell-produced video sponsored by Dyson.


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