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All the Names That Are Fit to Print

The Names Brand is one of those incredibly simple business ideas that's either a stroke of genius or a flash in the pan (or maybe both). Names Brand prints unornamented lists of pop-culture characters, from the obvious to the obscure, in large Helvetica type on solid-color t-shirts. That's it: From the monikers of the A-team to the Obama bunch, you can pretty much have anything you want, as long as it fits on the front of a preshrunk cotton tee.


The current buzz about the Helvetica typeface (as seen in Miyoko's post about Gary Hustwit, director of the Helvetica documentary), may be a case of synergy: a clean, simple font for a spare and ascetic era -- coming on the heels of eight years of Braggadocio or Comic Sans, depending on your point of view.

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