9 Modern Masterpieces by A. Quincy Jones

Though he's often lumped in as one of Joseph's Eichler's gang—and we certainly love what Eichler did for the modern tract home—architect A. Quincy Jones is a midcentury lion in his own right. And thanks to the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles's exhibit A. Quincy Jones: Building for Better Living the man is finally getting the Neutra-level esteem that he deserves. Jones is credited with over 5,000 built projects, many of them the kind of indoor-outdoor-homes for the middle class that have come to define not just California modernism, but post-war American housing in general. The exhibit is part of the Getty-sponsored initiative Pacific Standard Time Presents: Modern Architecture in LA and will dazzle any fan of mid-century design. The show is up through September 8th. Here's a preview. View Slideshow

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