January 25, 2013
Dwell has been out and about leading the design conversation this month. The evening of January 24, Digital Content Director Sara Ost hosted a panel on "Design Resolutions" featuring Deputy Editor Aaron Britt, designer Lauren Geremia, and Zinc Details founder Vas Kiniris. To a packed audience, the four discussed ways that people can incorporate modern design—in all its styles and permutations—into their homes. If you couldn't catch the event, here's a slideshow recap.

Lauren Geremia, Sara Ost, Aaron Britt, and Vas Kiniris at "Design Resolutions" at Zinc Details.

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In the kitchen, buffed concrete floors, chrome globe lights, and a fleet of Bertoia chairs comprise a sleek backdrop for quirkier pieces like the marble-topped wooden tables from a Catholic school, snagged at a local flea market. The secret to the spare,
Resolution #1: I will not be afraid to mix and match

The Buenos Aires residence of furniture designer Alejandro Sticotti illustrates the first conversation topic—layering a variety of textures and styles.

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Originally appeared in Net Assets
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Modern living space with sheep's wool hanging and antique furniture
Resolution #2: I'll remember it's all about the craft

Ost pointed a the resurgence of craft in design that runs deeper than DIY.

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all copyrights Hotze Eisma
Originally appeared in Rural Home on a Holland Harbor
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Blauvelt and Winter ground their soaring two-story living room with classics such as Eero Saarinen’s Womb chair and ottoman, a Noguchi coffee table, an Eames wire-base table and a Danish teak credenza, which displays their collection of pottery and a pair
Resolution #3: I will reduce clutter

The carefully edited Minneapolis home of Andrew Blauvelt and Scott Winter is a showcase of people who are living with things that they really love.

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Dean Kaufman 2010
Originally appeared in Modern Urban Retreat in South Minneapolis
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Modern living room with Flexform sofa and Jens Fager candelabra
Resolution #3: I will invest in a statement piece

A charcoal sofa by Flexform and a candelabra by Jens Fager anchor the living room of Belgian art gallerist Veerle Wenes.

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Originally appeared in Live/Work: Modern Art Gallery and Home in Antwerp
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The ever-changing daylight, plus the use of curtains and lighting options, means that Ahlgren and Lökaas enjoy a variety of different atmospheres.
Resolution #5: I will light up my life

A variety of light sources illuminates this Landskrona,Sweden, house: natural daylight, ambient light, and task lighting from a Barber Osgerby floor lamp.

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Originally appeared in Contemporary Nordic Town House
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Front door entrance with black and white concrete tiled floor
Resolution #6: I will trust my intuition

The most successful interiors speak to the individuality of its residents, as shown in the Boerum Hill residence of Dawn Casale and Dave Crofton.

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Originally appeared in A Budget Friendly Brownstone Renovation in Brooklyn
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zinc design resolutions

Lauren Geremia, Sara Ost, Aaron Britt, and Vas Kiniris at "Design Resolutions" at Zinc Details.

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