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March 18, 2013
Disorder is the enemy of modern design, so we've put together 10 of our favorite kitchen storage solutions to help keep your counters clean and clutter-free.

Pentagon Jar

This simple blue tinted or clear glass jar will keep your modern kitchen looking clean and tidy

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High 'n Dry Cargo Net by Best Made Company

High 'n Dry Cargo NetDeveloped in Rhode Island by a rope expert, the cargo net is sturdy yet lightweight and ideal for use in a kitchen to free up counter space. 

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Latina Coffee JarThis curvy storage jar designed by Angeletti Ruzza and coffee producer Lavazza in a glossy red acrylic, is dishwasher safe, provides airtight storage for coffee and tea, and adds a bit of punch to your counter top style.

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Grand Cru jar

Practical and elegant kitchen storage for everything from rice to sugar to jam. Airtight stoppes and lead free glass are perfect for foods, and come in 5 sizes.

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Slim Canister

Easy access kitchen countertop canister collection from Simple Human. An ergonomic handle and fun push button release make for a good interaction with your food storage. They even have a five year warranty and customizable labels.

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modular wooden  wine rack

Hexa Stacking Wine Rack

This modular counter top wine storage unit is made of walnut veneer and, like a beehive, can pack a multitude of storage nooks into a small space.

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Cammeo Jar The Cammeo jar by Louise Campbell is a clean and simple jar design with a twist. Interchangeable colorful bands remind you which has what inside of it and add just a touch of whimsy. Available in three sizes.

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Better suited to storing sugar than supporting Apollo missions, these ceramic kitchen storage containers’ lines were nevertheless inspired by space capsules. Armstrong and Aldrin would definitely approve.

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Yohki Jar

These borosilicate glass kitchen storage jars contain no lead, absorbe no armoas, and use a polypropylene lid with removable silicone gasket. They come in multiple sizes and the lids are available in stainless steel and solid plastic colors

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Digit Spice Jars

Finally, kitchen storage jars for the numerically inclined. These earthenware containers come numbered zero to nine, each with a cork top to keep your spices fresh and countertops in order.

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iittala pentagon jar container

Pentagon Jar

This simple blue tinted or clear glass jar will keep your modern kitchen looking clean and tidy

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