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  1. David Engelhardt

    Living in small spaces is a relatable experience for New York photographer David Engelhardt (“Wood Works,” November 2012). A native of Idana, Kansas, and Long Beach, California, with a...


  2. Michael Stewart


  3. Katherine Butler

    Katherine Butler is a freelance writer who has contributed to NPR’s Pacific Swell, AlterNet, EcoSalon, MNN and more. Her work has been featured on CNN, Forbes, The Huffington Post, Yahoo...


  4. Roger Kurath

    Roger Kurath is the founder and owner of Design 21, an internationally renowned practice that provides full design services that address issues of context and sustainability. Design 21 has offices...


  5. Sommer Mathis

    Sommer Mathis is editor of The Atlantic Cities. She has previously worked at,, and Washingtonian.


  6. Luanne Bradley

    Architecture and design writer Luanne Sanders Bradley has worked as west coast editor of Ecosalon, editor of Northern California Home and Design, and as a writer and reporter at CNN.


  7. Christie Hemm

    Los Angeles photographer Christie Hemm spent a warm San Francisco morning shooting the Workshop Residence (November 2012). "I fell in love with the owner's dog and we did our best to get the pooch...


  8. Naomi Pollock

    In addition to publishing articles on both sides of the Pacific, Naomi Pollock is the author of five books, including Made in Japan: 100 New Products. An architect by training, Pollock now lives in...


  9. David Geckeler

    David Fabio Geckeler is an industrial designer based in Berlin and completed his studies in Industrial Design at the University of Arts in Berlin in 2012. Currently he is working on several...


  10. Andreas Meichsner

    Andreas Meichsner is a photographer based in Berlin, Germany. In 2006, Meichsner received his degree in photography at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hannover. His clients include...