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AT-AT Desk

Wrestling with writer's block? Pull up a chair. The force is strong with this one, a deceptively simple desk by Tomoko Azumi with space for laptop and power cords, pens and paper. Your Star Wars fan fic will be absolutely inspired.

spin recharge mark

Spin/Recharge Table

Oh, what a tangled web of cords we weave. This steel-topped, wooden-legged side table seeks to tidy up our cables, offering a specially designed slot on top for all our digital accoutrements.

transport lamp tomoko azumi

Transport Lamp

Developed by the Crafts Council and retailer Twentytwentyone, Ten’s collection posits that sustainable design can be positive and beautiful through a series of charming small-scale household objects such as Héctor Serrano’s Do Not Lose Me, Gita Gschwendter’s Wedge Racer, and Tomoko Azumi’s Transport lamp.