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Tom Dixon

tom dixon portrait

British designer Tom Dixon (1959- ) is one of the leading lights of English industrial design. A self-taught welder, Dixon opened the shop Space to sell his early designs, then worked as head design for Habitat in the UK before founding his own eponymous firm in 2002. In 2004 he formed Design Research Ltd which controls Tom Dixon and the Finnish design firm Artek. He has done a number of chairs and lamps for the tony likes of Italian firm Cappellini, and the work he's done under his own name, like the Screw Table, Wire Series of chairs, and Beat pendant lights have received significant acclaim.




tom dixon copper pendant

Copper Shade Pendant Lamp

Lighting designer Tom Dixon released this pendant lamp in 2006 at the Milan Furniture Fair. The shade is constructed of plastic polycarbonate and sheathed in a mirror-like copper finish.

enamel vessels tom dixon containers

Enamel Vessels

Like the Stooges, bears, and wise men before them, Tom Dixon’s enamel vessels—Trio, Quad, and Pentad—join the ranks of illustrious threesomes. The cast-iron containers can rest naturally on any of their flat facets.

Flouro shade pendant tom dixon

Fluoro Shade

Though it looks like Flouro's polycarbonate shade could illuminate a room on it's own, it is, indeed, fitted for a bulb. Tom Dixon is quite fond of the eye-catching color, and it can be found on handful of other items in his collection.

ylighting lean table lamp two

Lean Table Lamp

Designed by Tom Dixon, this cast iron light is inspired by the materials and processes employed during the Industrial Revolution. It references the robust components used to build the bridges and engines of the Victorian era through its solid, durable and tactile quality. Made from sand cast iron, the Lean Table lamp has a hollow rounded base with slender arm. Small but tough, minimal yet expressive. Available in black finish or red high-gloss powder coat.

YLighting Tom Dixon 7 mirror ball lamps

Mirror Ball Pendant

Blown like bubble gum into a mould, these plastic spheres are metalized internally to give a mirrored finish. This internal metallic design focuses the brightness from the lamp, projecting a soft, broad beam of light.

Orange offcut stool byTom Dixon.

Offcut Stool

Some poisonous insects and traffic cones employ fluorescent orange to great effect as a not-so-subtle warning to keep clear. For the Offcut stool, however, the eye-popping color is an open invitation to have a seat.

dixon tom pressed glass pendants

Pressed Glass Pendants

Each shade in the Pressed Glass collection by Tom Dixon is made by compressing molten glass into a hollow mould which is then annealed in a kiln. This process does not allow for any intervention so small variations make each shade unique and beautiful.

screw table dixon tom

Screw Table

From lunch at the kids’ table to romantic dinner for two with a simple spin of the solid marble top, Dixon’s industrial-strength aluminum screw allows this table to achieve great new heights, and the heavy cast-iron base will ensure it doesn’t sway.

ylighting beat pendant lamp main

Stout Beat Light

The design and inception of the Beat Lights originated from a field trip to India on which Tom Dixon took his Royal College students. This light was inspired by the shapes of traditional Indian water vessels seen on this trek.

interior worlds dixon tom book

Tom Dixon Interior Worlds

In a world of Flickr sets and Google image searches, Tom Dixon’s new photo-heavy book may not pack the same punch it would have two decades ago, when a picture of Cornish miners extracting tin couldn’t be dialed up on demand. Regardless, this hefty tome visually connects the dots between finished domestic product and the world writ large, and Dixon’s amiable character comes through in his digestible introductions and a series of interwoven comics. 

Void Tom Dixon light

Void Light

This light fixture would look right at home illuminating a futuristic living room or updating a historic home.

wire coatrack tom dixon

Wire Coatrack

As an infinitely extendable chain of hooks, Tom Dixon’s paperclip-inspired Wire coatrack provides stalwart stainless steel utility and is flexible enough to wrap around corners.