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Todd St. John

Todd St. John is a designer, animator and filmmaker living in New York City. He grew up on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. His work consistently spans many different mediums, including drawing, sculpture, photography, printmaking and animation. He is best known for the projects and products created by his studio, HunterGatherer. This website exists mainly as a place for non-commercial and experimental projects, many of which inform his commissioned work.

Through HunterGatherer, St. John has created animations, illustrations and graphics for everyone from MTV to Money Mark to The New York Times. In 1994, while living in California, St. John co-founded the now-defunct label/collaborative Green Lady with Gary Benzel. Nylon Magazine described Green Lady as "to the designer T-shirt world what RunDMC is to hip-hop". St. John regularly has work published, broadcast and exhibited internationally, and was included in the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Triennial: Design Now. He teaches as a graduate critic at the Yale School of Art.


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Boxhome Print

Sami Rintala’s 205-square-foot Boxhome was a technical wonder of efficient planning that paired a high-tech metal exterior with a rustic wood core. St. John’s print—a building section executed with a nod to the interior finishes—elegantly weds the disparate elements.