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Tamasine Osher

tamasine osher design

Inspired by combining unexpected elements, Tamasine Osher believes that the structure and construction of an artifact may be displayed and expressed, rather than concealed.
Her designs have developed from exploration of the textures of landscapes, history, culture and ergonomics. Using organic forms and historical elements to direct the essence of her designs, she exploits the fundamental properties of materials and translates them into lyrical and thought provoking pieces of furniture. Her original training as an architect enables her to work within different scales, encompassing a wide variety skills and the use of different materials.

Tamasine studied Architecture at Manchester University and has subsequently worked for some years as a designer in London; achieving a Distinction MA in Furniture Design while working full-time as Designer and Art Director for the Willer gallery, London.


modern bike accessories

Pedal Pod

British designer Tamasine Osher released this walnut shelf at last year’s London Design Festival. For those who need design pieces 
to be multifunctional, 
Pedal Pod boasts ample cubby space to stash 
odds and ends along with the rubber-lined roost 
that suspends your bike.

industrial furniture pieces

Spring Stool

Give the wooden seat of the Spring stool from Osher's debut collection a twist as you would the head of a screw, and its height adjusts accordingly.